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Teeth Aligner
Teeth Aligner
Teeth Aligner
Teeth Aligner

Teeth Aligner

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Forget the expensive treatment of the braces with these new kind of Teeth Aligners. Three different stages and you are good to go.  These are invisible and should be used while sleeping.   

When to use:
1) Mild dental crowding
2) Tooth dislocation/have enough clearance between teeth

Design features:

The correction process is divided into three stages:

 - First stage (D1): Soft. Mainly used to adapt to the orthotics and initial correction (1-3 months).
 - Second stage (D2): Moderate. Further adapt to orthotics and to enhance remedial effects (2-4 months).
 - Third stage (D3): Hard. Increases the correction force for post correction and maintenance (3-6 months).

Usage instructions:

• Wear the aligners all night long. For best results wear it every night and there will be noticeable improvement in 4 – 6 months.
• After use, wash and store it in the box provided.
• After using D1 for 1 month, you can gradually use D2 together.
• Use D2 on daytime (2-4 hours if possible) and D1 at night. When you fully adapted to D2, you can be gradually use D3 together. Use D3 (2-4 hours if possible) on daytime and D2 at night. 


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