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Beauty Combo 2 - Beauty Oil + Under Eye + Alpha Serum

Beauty Combo 2 - Beauty Oil + Under Eye + Alpha Serum

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Our Ostrich Beauty Miracle Blend 

Key Features:

  • Skin Brightening
  • Anti Aging
  • Helps Boost Collagen Formation
  • Hydrating/Healing/Soothes Sunburn
  • Reduces Dryness/Redness/Itching/Stretch Marks
  • Fights Acne
  • Exfoliating
  • Reduces Hyperpigmentation/Inflammation
  • Scars and fine lines Reduction
  • Boosts Immunity 

Under Eye Serum


Reduces dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness and fine lines

Nourishes & moisturizes the delicate skin

Refreshes tired looking under eye bags

Restores skin natural elasticity

Alpha Arbutin

Key Benefits:

- Fades dark spots/lightens skin 

Anti aging

- Promotes collagen production

- Repairs sun damage and age spots

- Treats melasma & pigmentation

- Decrease the appearance of scars & fine lines

- Minimizes pore appearance & skin firming